Yellowstone/Grand Teton/Glacier National Parks USA and Waterton/Banff/Jasper National Parks Canada


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Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton National Park Canada. Photo ©2008 Travel Alberta


If you are planning a two country holiday you could run into difficulties renting a car one way between Montana USA and Alberta Canada. The trip sounds great combining Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, Glacier National Park in the United States with the Waterton, Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada. The logistics can be difficult.

ONE WAY car rentals are usually difficult to obtain between Montana USA and Alberta Canada. One way rentals may work between major USA and Canadian Cities but usually not between Montana and Alberta!

Car companies can rent cars in their respective countries from other states or provinces but they usually can not rent cars from another country for service in their own country. The car can sit (with lost of revenue) until someone wants to rent it back to the other country.

Airport Shuttle Express of Calgary Canada is the one way solution. We can take you TO Montana from Alberta Canada or pick you up FROM Montana and take you to Alberta Canada. We offer private 'charter" service or "Ride-Share" service on selected dates.


For the summer 2018 we are offering a schedule van/bus/ride-share service from the Calgary Airport TO/FROM the Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier Montana USA. "Click-here" for details.



  • Northbound To Canada.
  • Rent your car in the United States and travel between Yellowstone area and Great Falls, East Glacier or Kalispell Montana.
  • Airport Shuttle Express will take you across the border from Montana to the car location in Calgary or Banff Canada.
  • Rent your car in Calgary or Banff and explore the Canadian Rockies!
  • Southbound TO the United States.
  • Airport Shuttle Express offers charter van service between Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise and Montana.
  • Airport Shuttle Express will take you across the border to a car location in East Glacier, Great Falls or Kalispell/Whitefish Montana.
  • Airport Shuttle Express can also offer this service to most Montana towns and cities.

East Glacier is the closest USA car rental location to Calgary with the other major rental companies at Glacier International Airport in Kalispell, Whitefish or at the Great Falls International Airport.


You can usually rent a car in Canada or the United States and return the same car back to where you started the rental. Just tell the car company what you are doing so they can arrange the necessary trans border paperwork. You can usually save yourself some money if you rent a car from an "off airport" location, even if you bring it back to the airport. i.e.

Calgary – Has off airport and on airport locations. Pick up your car at an off airport location, even if you bring the car back to the Calgary Airport. You save the 15.61% “Concession Recovery Fee” as well as the “Facility Charge Fee” of $6.00 per day (max 7 days) for Calgary Airport pickups. Booking off airport can also be a lower rate even if you bring it back to the Calgary Airport. i.e. One example for a client, before discounts 13 Aug 2018, one week rental. Avis full size car (Chevy Impala) CAD$694.60 at the airport/CAD$328.23 off airport at the Executive Inn Avis Counter NE Calgary, that is if you prebook. Otherwise CAD$788.96 on airport/CAD362.88 off airport! (03 Feb2018 check). Similar discount may apply to other car rental locations, depending when you book.

Email us at Airport Shuttle Express for a trans border quote!


  • NOTE: When you decide on your travel date double check with each bus company about their service as the information is " subject to change"!
  • Airport Shuttle Express can arrange to take you to/from Alberta Canada and to/from any place in Montana.
  • Our charter van requests are usually between Calgary or Banff and Great Falls, Helena, Butte, East Glacier, or Whitefish/Kalispell Montana
  • From Great Falls there is bus service to/from Southern Montana including Helena and Butte, Missoula
  • From Whitefish/Kalispell there is bus service to/from Southern Montana including Missoula.
  • At Butte bus service is offered to/from Missoula, Billings, Bismarck, Boseman, Fargo, West Yellowstone, Idaho Falls, Cody, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Denver.
  • From Great Falls with Salt Lake Express there is a once daily service to Helena & Butte.
  • From Butte & Helena with Salt Lake Express there is a once daily service to Great Falls.
  • From Butte Jefferson Lines offer service WEST to Missoula, MT Coeur d' Laine ID and Spokane, WA.
  • From Butte Jefferson Lines offer service EAST to Bozeman & Billings MT. North & South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota,Wyoming, Kansas,
  • From Butte with Salt Lake Express offer service SOUTH to Idaho Falls, West Yellowstone, Jackson, Boise & Salt Lake City with connections to Las Vegas.
  • From Whitefish and Kalispell with a Greyhound/Flathead Transit associate there is a once daily service to/from Missoula.
  • From Missoula with a Greyhound/Flathead Transit there is a once daily northbound service to/from Polson, Kalispell and Whitefish.
  • From Missoula Jefferson Lines offer service EAST to Bozeman & Billings MT, North & South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota,Wyoming, Kansas,
  • From Billings Express Arrow Stage Lines offers service SOUTH to Casper, Cheyenne, Cody, Denver, Pueblo, Omaha
  • Check the links for full details about their service, times, destinations, and prices on the date(s) you are planning to travel.
  • Information is "subject to change". and "error". Please check with the bus line for correct information for fares and times on your travel date!


RAIL: Amtrak, Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours and Via Rail Canada
  • Airport Shuttle Express operates "charter vans" between any of Montana's Amtrak Station and Calgary or Banff.
  • The closest Amtrak station to Calgary is East Glacier or Browning while Whitefish is the closest station to Banff.
  • The Amtrak train is the "Empire Builder" which heads East to Chicago in the morning and West to either Portland or Seattle in the evening.
  • In Seattle there is a daily AMTRAK rail service or a seasonal Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours train North to Vancouver, BC.
  • Make sure Amtrak's Montana Station is open...and the train stops...for the dates required.
  • i.e. Browning station is opens in the wintertime while East Glacier station closes. Check with Amtrak as to dates.
  • There is also some "flag" stops.i.e. Essex, Mt. Please check with Amtrak for details.
  • At Calgary, Banff or Jasper you have the Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours heading west to Vancouver British Columbia Click Here to view the trip:
  • From Edmonton or Jasper you also have Via Rail Canada heading west to Vancouver and east to Winnipeg, Toronto or Montreal.
  • Thru our web site Airport Shuttle Express offers a once daily express bus service from Calgary or Banff to Jasper as well as a seasonal tour coach.

"Click-On" : Airport Shuttle Express Glacier USA Service

Or E-mail us at Airport Shuttle Express for a rate quote. Tell us what you are planning. We will try to help!

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